Tuesday, 27 October 2009

And so we went to the Tate as well, it was great and the docks are so beautiful.

The ‘this is sculpture’ exhibition was wonderful, especially the sculptures of people. My favorite has to be Allen Jones chair scuplture. It has such style, attitude and the fetish angle of the figure is something that really appeals to my style. This also asks the question of what he is trying to convey about women, or if the piece is simply an interesting table sculpture.

There were so many inspiring things at the Tate it is difficult to pick out more, to see a piece by Rachel Whiteread was lovely, the simplistic, ghostly quailty of the light switch sculpture really has impact in the flesh.

Finally, we sat and looked at the works of Mark Rothko, this work is not to my style but I was so impressed by the sheer scale of the paintings. Even though the pieces are of such dramatic colour and tone just being able to sit and admire the blocks of colour really made me feel very relaxed.

What a lovely day.


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