Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A wonderful jaunt to Liverpool

As part of a university trip we headed over to Liverpool, I had such a lovely day even though I was carrying vast amounts of luggage, not the best way to enjoy galleries.

I would love to return to Liverpool in the very near future to visit the Walker Gallery collections as we were strapped for time, it would have been very beneficial and inspiring to have a longer period of time in the gallery.

I particularly enjoyed look at a lot of the pre-Raphaelite pieces, I find the realism and aattention to detail fascinating, I could spend hours looking at those alone.

The Bridget Riley exhibition did not fail to impress, the optical illusions created by her simple pieces are astounding. I love the mathematical look of her pieces, they are almost diagrammatical but with a real artistic flare. The mixtures of red and pink clashing with such force inspired me a lot, I will try and think out of my comfort zone from now on. The use of these colours at the prefect time is something that can only be achieved with experience, truly mind blowing!


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